The Great Big Pivot


Today is Jan 24, 2022.  What. A. Day.  

5 people, in one single day, have reached out to me as they decide to change course and change their lives for the better.  Some of it is personal, and some of it is business, and for me, it’s both.  Our livelihoods and our business are one thing, but our personal mountains dictate it all. Those 5 people are just TODAY. That’s not including the people last week, or the week before, or the months leading up to other’s making the same kind of difficult decisions.

I’m calling it the ‘GREAT BIG PIVOT’.  

I pivoted many years ago.  My ‘pivot’ was before Covid, before inflation, before insane mainstream politics, and I was alone. I was dealing with death, and divorce, and changing careers all at the same time. I pivoted HARD. The people I keep near to my heart know it all…maybe too well!  But, I did it.  I followed my gut and decided that my sanity, and my daughter, were worth more than money, notoriety and status.  

Yes, I did that.  Sometimes, it’s hard to see it that way.  But, I did it. People and opportunities came into my world in ways I could never have imagined… after I pivoted.  Sometimes, God has bigger plans.  It’s hard to believe in that whole idea, but I did my best, and I am living proof that believing works. 

I have a friend who is amazing.  He is epic.  Everyone thought he would become more than my friend, but THAT was NOT the case.  He is not my Fred.  Fred is beyond words, bigger and better and it took years to see that.  That person was perfect, right where he was… and he was the one who used the term ‘transferable skills’.  At first, I pretended to know what he was talking about, but I really had no clue how to make those (perceived) skills into a business.  He told me to be patient.  I was.  And now, I’m here.  I’m still stressed.  I’m still NOT a millionaire, but he was right.  I had transferable skills, even if I didn’t see them myself.  And now, I have a business that thrives on them.  MY transferable skills.  Despite the stress, it’s still a dream come true.  

A few years ago, I only had a few of those skills.  I knew people.  I knew their story’s and my caring was my skill, even if I didn’t see it that way.  Flash forward 5 years later, caring is my business.  The rest is history.  The rest is bringing others that care into that fold.  Even if they aren’t part of my ‘actual’  business.

There are so many people who wonder if they are capable of more… and the answer is that you are, in fact, capable of more.  More time for those you love, more sincerity in the work you do, and more money in your pocket.   Even if it all takes time.  We don’t get more time.  That’s the one thing I hope we all learn.  The time is now.  The time is now to have courage and strength to do more… with our gifts.  Time is never guaranteed and gifts are to be shared. 

PIVOT.  Know where you started.  Change the angle.  And push… Stay true to yourself, and your anchors.  You will be fine.  I promise.