Stop Giving Zero F’s

Stop Giving Zero F's

Start giving a s***. Yep, I did it. I used four letter words to make a point. It’s the cheapest trick in the book, so I figured I’d get it out of the way because “giving zero F’s” seems to be a trend these days… One I’m not a huge fan of. As we founded Bliss 360, it was hinged on giving so many “F’s” that it became clear that is what made us inherently different. It’s easy to see why the “Giving Zero” mentality can be freeing for so many… Letting go of the opinions of others who hurt us, or hold us back, or judge us… Just stop caring what they think, right?! Stop caring what our lives look like from the outside in… It’s all very attractive– At the beginning.

In the middle of it all, however, I believe there comes time for a shift. A shift that pulls us all into a place of deep caring, AKA giving a s***. Our Bliss 360 team has learned that staying true to our core beliefs, as we build brands and business, hinges on what makes people simply good people. We believe in a balance of life, passionate work, and bringing something into our world that is needed. It never ceases to amaze us that kindness, thoughtfulness, and dedication is what is needed the most. I’m proud to say that our team looks at people first. What they want, what they need, what their real goals are first– Before we even begin to think about spending money on marketing. I will say, we have all cared about clients and their businesses to the point where it may seem all-consuming– And that is the exact opposite of giving zero F’s. It has given us the ability to grow our relationships with clients that go beyond marketing and has led us to concepts none of us ever dreamed possible. Start giving a s***. Even when it’s hard.